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About Us

Fenix Laboratories, Inc is a family-owned company that has been manufacturing naturally-derived products since 1988. The foundation of many of our formulations is Manuka Honey.  We discovered Manuka while researching ingredients for a new product line in 1998.  After sampling Manuka honey and essential oil, we made the decision to make it the foundation of a new body care line.  The first products were introduced in 2004. 

We manufacture and private label for boutique brands; those preferring a small batch process.  As you learn about our products and company, you will discover we use ingredients not commonly used by other manufacturers. The ingredients used are ones that have been valued by people throughout the world for centuries.  We concentrate on finding the purest ingredients. We do not believe in adding "filler" ingredients or lower grade ingredients that are cheaper so we can increase our profit margins. We spend more and in the end... you are the beneficiary. We welcome you to try one or more of our products. If you are searching for a natural alternative to your pharmaceutical products, we believe you will find it with a Fenix Laboratories' product!